Which Ontario party talks about the environment the most? We've mined our database of every Hansard transcript to figure out which party mentioned "environment", "climate change", "pollution", "carbon tax" or "clean air" in the Ontario Legislature over the last two years.

Which Party Is Keenest on Environment Words?

The Progressive Conservatives (by percentage of speeches).

The Liberals mentioned environment-related words in 5.3% of all speeches, the PCs in 7.3% and the NDP in 5.1%.

Although the Liberals mentioned environment-related words in a slightly higher number of speeches than the PCs (905 vs. 862), the Liberals have made far more speeches over the last two years so the PCs come out on top as a percentage of their speeches.

Which MPPs?

By absolute number of speeches, Lisa Thompson (PC), John O'Toole (PC) and Glenn Murray (Liberals) come out on top. On a percentage-of-all-speeches basis, Jonah Schein (NDP), Ernie Hardeman (PC) and Michael Harris (PC) win.

Lisa Thompson and John O'Toole are the MPPs with the most number of speeches that mentioned environment words with 80 and 79 respectively. They just beat out Glenn Murray and Kathleen Wynne (Liberal) with 73 speeches each. Although Glenn Murray has made far fewer speeches than Kathleen Wynne so on a percentage basis he comes out well ahead of Kathleen Wynne.

Jonah Schein has only made 140 speeches in the legislature but 29 of them mention environment-related words (20.7% of all speeches). 20.6% of Ernie Hardeman's speeches mentioned environment-related words and 19.6% of Michael Harris's did.

Download The Full Data Set

You can download all of the MPP data in CSV format here: Environment-word-data-speeches-may-5-2015.csv.