Who are the most active participants in the back-and-forth of Queen's Park? One way to find out is to look at all of the speeches in Hansard made over the last couple years and add up the length of each speech. OntarioMonitor has done that and ranked the MPPs below.

RankSpeakerTotal Characters in SpeechesAverage Speech Length# of Speeches
1Kathleen O. Wynne14708465212823
2Catherine Fife13153841761747
3Bill Walker12267491862659
4Jagmeet Singh10979332397458
5France Gélinas9944391789556
6Victor Fedeli9916281526650
7John O’Toole9733851314741
8Gilles Bisson9451841176804
9Steve Clark8462621413599
10Andrea Horwath8455297091192
11John Yakabuski751835814924
12Taras Natyshak7419131589467
13Jim McDonell7033161876375
14Steven Del Duca7027681748402
15Glen R. Murray6935801018681

A couples notes about the methodology:

1. This looks at the number of characters in each speech, not word count, to more accurately reflects "talk time".

2. Interjections aren't captured by this data. If the official Hansard didn't note that someone was a speaker then they weren't counted.

3. You can download the data for all 130 MPPs here (there are more than just the current 107): hansard_speeches_length_2015may5.csv.