Which MPP is most interested on education issues? Liz Sandals by a wide margin, according to our analysis of Hansard. 45% of her speeches over the last two years have mentioned education-related words. This shouldn't be too surprising as she's the Minister of Education but the table below shows the next 14 top MPPs.

We've gone through Hansard over the last two years and counted the number of speeches made by each MPP that contained the words "education", "students", "OSSTF", "ETFO" or "teacher". The table below shows the MPPs ranked by the proportion of their speeches that mentioned these education words.

MPP NamePartyEducation-Related SpeechesTotal Speeches (May 5th 2013-2015)Proportion of Speeches
Hon Liz Sandals Liberal1894190.4511
Peggy Sattler NDP882570.3424
Harinder S. Takhar Liberal5150.3333
Rob Leone PC612020.3020
Lisa Gretzky NDP341180.2881
Joe Cimino NDP8310.2581
Jennifer K. French NDP331310.2519
Garfield Dunlop PC592440.2418
Yvan Baker Liberal22970.2268
Cristina Martins Liberal301340.2239
Kathryn McGarry Liberal371710.2164
Han Dong Liberal18850.2118
Gila Martow PC361700.2118
Hon Reza Moridi Liberal241140.2105
Soo Wong Liberal794070.1941

Liz Sandals (Liberal) has not only the highest number of speeches that mention education words but also the highest proportion. This makes her the most education-focussed MPP in our books.