Who haven't been the most active MPPs this session at Queen's Park? France Gélinas has introduced 7 bills, Cheri DiNovo 6, Charles Sousa & Peggy Sattler 5 each. The table below shows the bills introduced ordered by the top "introducers" along with keywords automatically generated by OntarioMonitor that indicate what the bill is about.

The table is current as of early May, 2015.

MPP NameTotal Bills Introduced This SessionBill #Bill Title (and link)Bill Keywords (Generated by OntarioMonitor Software)
France Gélinas7Bill 19Ombudsman Amendment Act (Investigation of Health Care Services), 2014Ambulance, Governmental, Health, Meaning, Ombudsman, Respect, Service, Within
France Gélinas7Bill 38Smoke-Free Ontario Amendment Act, 2014Being, Contrary, Flavoured, Offered, Place, Product, Repealed, Tobacco
France Gélinas7Bill 47Healthy Decisions for Healthy Eating Act, 2014Displayed, Information, Person, Premise, Record, Regulated, Service, Standard
France Gélinas7Bill 78Transparent and Accountable Health Care Act, 2015Disclosure, Funds, Health, Major, Organization, Public, Publicly-funded, Sector
France Gélinas7Bill 83Labour Relations Amendment Act (Strike and Lock-Out Information), 2015Employer, Hours, Information, Locked, Minister, Replacement, Strike, Workers
France Gélinas7Bill 84Trillium Gift of Life Network Amendment Act, 2015After, Death, Network, Objection, Person, Person's, Persons, Removed, Tissue
France Gélinas7Bill PR4Bruno's Alignment Limited Act, 2014Alignment, Applicant, Bruno's, Brunos, Corporation, Dissolution, Dissolved, Limited, Revive
Cheri DiNovo6Bill 2Workplace Safety and Insurance Amendment Act (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), 2014Board, Claim, Disorder, Emergency, Post-traumatic, Response, Stress, Worker
Cheri DiNovo6Bill 3Planning Amendment Act (Enabling Municipalities to Require Inclusionary Housing), 2014Affordable, Containing, Developments, Housing, Inclusionary, Municipality, Percentage, Units
Cheri DiNovo6Bill 4Metrolinx Amendment Act, 2014Airport, Diesel, Downtown, International, Metrolinx, Passenger, Railway, Toronto
Cheri DiNovo6Bill 5Respect for Municipalities Act (City of Toronto), 2014Board, By-law, Decision, Matters, Notice, Planning, Respect, Toronto
Cheri DiNovo6Bill 77Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act, 2015Change, Direct, Efforts, Gender, Health, Identity, Orientation, Patients, Sexual
Cheri DiNovo6Bill 94Peter Kormos Act (Repealing the Safe Streets Act), 2015Streets
Hon Charles Sousa5Bill 14Building Opportunity and Securing Our Future Act (Budget Measures), 2014Amount, Child, Notice, Pension, Person, Striking, Substituting, Support
Hon Charles Sousa5Bill 15Fighting Fraud and Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates Act, 2014Insurance, Licence, Person, Prescribed, Repealed, Respect, Storage, Superintendent
Hon Charles Sousa5Bill 26Taxation Amendment Act, 2014After, Amount, Calculated, Individuals, Middle, Multiplying, Rate,, Taxation
Hon Charles Sousa5Bill 57Pooled Registered Pension Plans Act, 2015Family, Federal, Funds, Pension, Person, Pooled, Purposes, Registered
Hon Charles Sousa5Bill 91Building Ontario Up Act (Budget Measures), 2015Amount, Board, Corporation, Hydro, Information, Minister, Person, Respect
Peggy Sattler5Bill 22Employment Standards Amendment Act (Greater Protection for Interns and Vulnerable Workers), 2014Employer, Employment, Individual, Individuals, Information, Notice, Provided, Receiving, Training
Peggy Sattler5Bill 43Learning Through Workplace Experience Act, 2014Council, Employers, Learning, Minister, Opportunities, Post-secondary, Respect, Students, Work-integrated
Peggy Sattler5Bill 64Protecting Interns and Creating a Learning Economy Act, 2015Employer, Individual, Information, Learning, Minister, Post-secondary, Respect, Work-integrated
Peggy Sattler5Bill 86Broader Public Sector Executive Compensation Amendment Act (Senior Administrators of Universities and Colleges), 2015Administrator, Administrators, Broader, Compensation, Executive, Public, Sector, Senior
Peggy Sattler5Bill PR21474486 Ontario Limited Act, 2014Applicant, Corporation, Dissolution, Dissolved, Legal, Limited, Revive, Rights
Mike Colle4Bill 24Prohibiting Driving with Unlawful Handguns Act, 2014Drivers, Highway, Impounded, Impoundment, Licence, Motor, Officer, Person, Vehicle
Mike Colle4Bill PR1Loretto Ladies' Colleges and Schools Act, 2014Canada, Chapter, Colleges, Ladies, Ladies', Loretto, Property, Schools, Sisters
Mike Colle4Bill PR11469118 Ontario Limited Act, 2014Corporation, Corporations, Dissolution, Dissolved, Limited, Property, Revive, Rights
Mike Colle4Bill PR12658055 Ontario Inc. Act, 2014Applicant, Corporation, Corporations, Dissolution, Dissolved, Property, Revive, Subject
Jagmeet Singh3Bill 60Tarion Accountability and Oversight Act, 2014Accountability, After, Agreement, Builder, Corporation, Minister, Respect, Warranties
Jagmeet Singh3Bill 88Consumer Protection Amendment Act (Money Transfers), 2015Canada, Consumer, Money, Prescribed, Prescribing, Respect, Transfer, Transferor
Jagmeet Singh3Bill PR10752458 Ontario Ltd. Act, 2014Applicant, Corporation, Dissolution, Dissolved, Revive, Rights, Subject
John Fraser3Bill 53Protecting Passenger Safety Act, 2014Impounded, Impoundment, Licence, Motor, Officer, Owner, Person, Vehicle
John Fraser3Bill PR8Saint Paul University Act, 2014Elected, Faculty, Institute, Ottawa, Saint, School, Senate, University
John Fraser3Bill PR14Ottawa School Day Nursery Inc. Act, 2014Applicant, Corporation, Dissolution, Nursery, Ottawa, Revive, School, Surrendered
John Yakabuski3Bill 44Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Clearing Vehicles of Snow and Ice), 2014Danger, Driving, Highway, Motor, Person, Traffic, Vehicle, Vehicles
John Yakabuski3Bill 59Gasoline Tax Fairness for All Act, 2014Gasoline, Highways, Jurisdiction, Minister, Municipality, Public, Purpose, Rebate
John Yakabuski3Bill 90Meningitis Awareness Day Act, 2015Affected, April, Awareness, Disease, Individuals, Meningitis, Prevent, Those
Norm Miller3Bill 25Auditor General Amendment Act, 2014Auditor, Contractor, Crown, General, Grant, Public, Recipient, Services, Striking
Norm Miller3Bill 51Utility Task and All-Terrain Vehicles Act, 2014All-terrain, Designed, Driver, Highway, Off-road, Utility, Vehicle, Vehicles
Norm Miller3Bill 58Utility Task and All-Terrain Vehicles Act, 2015All-terrain, Designed, Driver, Highway, Off-road, Utility, Vehicle, Vehicles
Ernie Hardeman2Bill 34Respect for Veterans Act (Placing Donation Boxes for Remembrance Day Poppies in Members' Offices), 2014Assembly, Boxes, Donation, Integrity, Offices, Placed, Poppies, Remembrance
Ernie Hardeman2Bill 74Housing Services Corporation Accountability Act, 2015Audit, Auditor, Corporation, Corporations, Disclosure, General, Housing, Salary, Services
Hon Brad Duguid2Bill 6Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act, 2015Assets, Government, Infrastructure, Long-term, Minister, Planning, Public, Purposes, Should
Hon Brad Duguid2Bill 7Better Business Climate Act, 2014Being, Cluster, Development, Minister, Public, Report, Respect, Review
Hon Deborah Matthews2Bill 8Public Sector and MPP Accountability and Transparency Act, 2014Board, Designated, Information, Investigation, Ombudsman, Patient, Person, Public, Sector
Hon Deborah Matthews2Bill 72Supply Act, 2015 Applied, April, Estimates, Office, Operating In, Public, Supplementary, Supply
Hon Glen R. Murray2Bill 9Ending Coal for Cleaner Air Act, 2015After, December, Electricity, Facilities, Facility, Generate, Generation, Steam
Hon Glen R. Murray2Bill 66Great Lakes Protection Act, 2015Great, Initiative, Lakes-st, Lawrence, Minister, Policies, Public, River
Hon Madeleine Meilleur2Bill 52Protection of Public Participation Act, 2015Interest, Judge, Motion, Party, Person, Proceeding, Public, Tribunal
Hon Madeleine Meilleur2Bill 85Strengthening and Improving Government Act, 2015Court, Family, Notice, Person, Repealed, Schedule, Striking, Substituting
Hon Yasir Naqvi2Bill 35Security for Courts, Electricity Generating Facilities and Nuclear Facilities Act, 2014Access, Court, Enter, Facility, Person, Premises, Restricted, Where
Hon Yasir Naqvi2Bill 80Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Amendment Act, 2015Administrative, Animal, Animals, Cruelty, Offence, Person, Prevention, Research, Society
Jeff Yurek2Bill 20Ryan's Law (Ensuring Asthma Friendly Schools), 2014Asthma, Employee, Individual, Medication, Principal, Pupil, Pupils, School
Jeff Yurek2Bill PR5Bible Baptist Temple (St. Thomas) Act (Tax Relief), 2014Baptist, Bible, Municipal, Property, Purposes, Specified, Taxes, Temple, Thomas
Jim McDonell2Bill 54Right to Care Act (Children 16 Years of Age and Older), 2015Agreement, Child, Older, Person, Respect, Services, Society, Temporary
Jim McDonell2Bill 62Fairness in Labour Relations Act (Bargaining Units and Certification of Trade Unions), 2014Application, Bargaining, Board, Certification, Repealed, Striking, Trade, Union
Jim Wilson2Bill 16Christmas Tree Day Act, 2014Christmas, December, First, Industry, Saturday, Trees
Jim Wilson2Bill 48Restoring Planning Powers to Municipalities Act, 2014renewable, Amendments, By-laws, Energy, Facility, Facility, Planning, Renewable, Repealed, Testing
Michael Harris2Bill 65Safe Roundabouts Act, 2015Assembly, Minister, Public, Regulation, Roundabouts, Rules, Study, Traffic
Michael Harris2Bill 93Testicular Cancer Awareness Month Act, 2015April, Awareness, Canadian, Cancer, Month, Recognized, Testicular
Percy Hatfield2Bill 71Poet Laureate of Ontario Act, 2015Council, Culture, Expenses, Laureate, Lieutenant, Office, Poetry, Selection
Percy Hatfield2Bill PR13Walker Towne Centre Inc. Act, 2014Applicant, Centre, Corporation, Dissolution, Dissolved, Revive, Towne, Walker
Peter Tabuns2Bill 81Intergenerational Day Canada Act, 2015About, Canada, Intergenerational
Peter Tabuns2Bill 82Oil, Gas and Salt Resources Amendment Act (Anti-Fracking), 2015Activity, Exploration, Fracturing, Hydraulic, Production, Related, Resources, Trapped
Sylvia Jones2Bill 36Respecting Private Property Act, 2014Amount, Convicted, Excess, For, Person, Property, Substituting, Trespass, Trespassing
Sylvia Jones2Bill 79Helping Volunteers Give Back Act, 2015Additional, Check, Criminal, Organization, Police, Provide, Record, Volunteer
Todd Smith2Bill 67Raise a Glass to Ontario Act, 2015Association, Cider, Liquor, Manufacturer, Manufacturers, Operates, Spirits, Stores, Warehouse
Todd Smith2Bill 69Tax Fairness for Realtors Act, 2015Business, Corporation, Corporations, Equity, Estate, Individual, Personal, Salesperson, Shares
Victor Fedeli2Bill 33Safeguarding our Communities Act (Fentanyl Patch for Patch Return Policy), 2014Dispenser, Fentanyl, Health, Patch, Patches, Pharmacy, Prescriber, Prescription
Victor Fedeli2Bill PR91807041 Ontario Inc. Act, 2014Applicant, Business, Corporation, Dissolution, Dissolved, Revive, Rights, Subject
Arthur Potts1Bill 12Protecting Employees' Tips Act, 2014Agreement, Customer, Employee, Employees, Employer, Gratuities, Payment, Share, Would
Bill Walker1Bill 96Special Interest Groups Election Advertising Transparency Act, 2015Advertising, Amount, Association, Candidate, Election, Expenses, Party, Third
Chris Ballard1Bill 42Municipal Amendment Act (Election of Chair of York Region), 2014Council, Elected, Election, Municipal, Municipality, Provide, Regional
Cindy Forster1Bill 87Long-Term Care Homes Amendment Act (Preference for Veterans), 2015Amends, Defined, Former, Homes, Long-term, Non-commissioned, Preference, Veterans
Cristina Martins1Bill 28Hispanic Heritage Month Act, 2014Community, Contributions, Cultural, Heritage, Hispanic, Month, October, World
Eleanor McMahon1Bill 13Ontario Bike Month Act, 2014Bicycling, Cycling, Healthy, Million, Month, People, Through, Transportation
Gila Martow1Bill 30Highway Incident Management Act, 2014After, Highway, Incident, Incidents, Minister, Report, Safety, Services
Hon Bill Mauro1Bill 37Invasive Species Act, 2015Authorization, Inspector, Invasive, Minister, Person, Place, Species, Threat
Hon Dipika Damerla1Bill 45Making Healthier Choices Act, 2015Being, Cigarettes, Electronic, Inspector, Person, Place, Regulated, Service, Tobacco
Hon Eric Hoskins1Bill 21Safeguarding Health Care Integrity Act, 2014Blood, Health, Hospital, Minister, Offence, Person, Pharmacies, Purposes
Hon Jeff Leal1Bill 40Agriculture Insurance Act (Amending the Crop Insurance Act, 1996), 2015agricultural, Insurance, Perennial, Plant, Product, Products, Striking, Substituting
Hon Kathleen O. Wynne1Bill 1An Act to perpetuate an ancient parliamentary rightAssembly, Legislative, Parliamentary, Perpetuate, Practice, Right
Hon Kevin Daniel Flynn1Bill 18Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, 2014Employee, Employees, Employer, Employment, Foreign, Standards, Stronger, Wages
Hon Liz Sandals1Bill 10Child Care Modernization Act, 2014Child, Early, Information, Person, Prescribed, Programs, Purposes, Services
Hon Michael Chan1Bill 49Ontario Immigration Act, 2015Application, Approval, Director, Individual, Minister, Person, Prescribed, Registry
Hon Mitzie Hunter1Bill 56Ontario Retirement Pension Plan Act, 2015Administrative, Eligible, Entity, Information, Legislation, Minister, Pension, Referred, Retirement
Hon Steven Del Duca1Bill 31Transportation Statute Law Amendment Act (Making Ontario's Roads Safer), 2015Drivers, Inspection, Licence, Motor, Person, Repealed, Suspension, Vehicle
Hon Ted McMeekin1Bill 73Smart Growth for Our Communities Act, 2015Approval, Authority, Clause, Council, Municipality, Notice, Official, Public
Jack MacLaren1Bill 32Bob Mackie Act, 2014Development, Escarpment, Ministry, Natural, Niagara, Planning, Regulation, Resources
John Vanthof1Bill 46Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Off-Road Vehicles), 2015Carry, Driver, Highway, Off-road, Passengers, Traffic, Vehicle, Vehicles
Julia Munro1Bill 23Magna Carta Day Act, 2015-, Carta, Democratic, Document, Freedom, Important, Magna, Rights
Kathryn McGarry1Bill 41Lung Health Act, 2014Action, Annual, Council, Disease, Health, Minister, Report, Treatment
Laurie Scott1Bill PR3Bensfort Wood Inc. Act, 2014Applicant, Bensfort, Corporation, Corporations, Dissolution, Dissolved, Property, Revive, Rights, Subject
Lisa Gretzky1Bill 92Empowering Home Care Patients Act, 2015About, Agency, Board, Community, Days, Decision, Person, Services
Lisa MacLeod1Bill 55Bandit Taxi Cab Safety and Enforcement Act, 2014Enforcement, Impounded, Impoundment, Licence, Motor, Officer, Owner, Person, Vehicle
Lorenzo Berardinetti1Bill 68Municipal Elections Amendment Act (Voting Hours Extension), 2015Elections, Hours, Municipal, Places, Voting
Lou Rinaldi1Bill 70Registered Retirement Savings Protection Act, 2015Canada, Defined, Enforcement, Family, Income, Registered, Retirement, Support
Marie-France Lalonde1Bill 75Microbead Elimination and Monitoring Act, 2015Cosmetics, Government, Microbeads, Minister, Person, Similar, Soaps, Water
Michael Mantha1Bill 63Retail Sales Tax Amendment Act (HST Rebate for Home Heating), 2014Amount, Energy, Equipment, Federal, Heating, Means, Sales, Service, Source
Paul Miller1Bill 17Protecting Child Performers Act, 2014Child, Consecutive, During, Employer, Entertainment, Hours, Parent, Performer, Performers
Peter Z. Milczyn1Bill 39Planning Statute Law Amendment Act, 2014By-law, Clause, Housing, Municipal, Municipality, Respect, Toronto, Units
Randy Hillier1Bill 89Election Amendment Act (MPPs' Recall), 2015Campaign, Chief, Electoral, Officer, Person, Petition, Recall, Registered
Rick Nicholls1Bill 50Highway Traffic Amendment Act (School Bus Camera System), 2014Camera, Evidence, Highway, Obtained, Photograph, School, Through, Vehicle
Robert Bailey1Bill 76Natural Gas Superhighway Act, 2015Amount, Credit, Eligible, Liquefied, Natural, Purchase, Taxation, Vehicles, Weight
Shafiq Qaadri1Bill 11Radon Awareness and Prevention Act, 2014Action, Dwelling, Information, Level, Measurement, Minister, Owned, Radon, Registry
Soo Wong1Bill 61Terry Fox Day Act, 2015After, Labour, Second, Sunday, Terry
Steve Clark1Bill 29Medicine Amendment Act, 2014About, Determined, Every, Information, Medicine, Member's, Notation, Register, Registrar
Ted Arnott1Bill PR6Art Gallery of Guelph Act, 2014Board, Centre, Gallery, Guelph, Powers, Property, Sponsoring, Trustees
Teresa J. Armstrong1Bill 95Improving Mental Health and Addictions Services in Ontario Act, 2015Addictions, Council, Health, Mental, Recommendations, Respect, Select, Services
Toby Barrett1Bill 27Provincial Framework and Action Plan concerning Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases Act, 2014Action, Diseases, Framework, Health, Minister, Provincial, Vector-borne, Zoonotic