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Ontario's Top MPP Speakers in 2017 (Hansard)

Following our look at the top speakers in 2016, we now take a look at the relative ranks of MPP's speches for 2017.

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MPPs Ranked By Speeches in the House in 2016 and by Party

Following our 2016 review of MPP speeches in the House in 2016 two weeks ago we've received requests for a breakdown by party. This blog post provides the data by party, and also the Excel files and tab-delimited text files for others to work with the data. Bonus: top words spoken by each MPP (excluding common words).

Progressive Conservatives: Top 10 Speakers (by word count)

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Ontario's Top MPP Speakers in 2016 (Hansard)

An MPP's office signed up for OntarioMonitor.ca near the end of 2016 looking to find out the relative ranks of MPP's speeches. The 5 top speakers (by word count) are: 1. Bill Walker (PC) 2. France Gélinas (NDP) 3. Peter Tabuns (NDP) 4. Catherine Fife (NDP) 5. Percy Hatfield (NDP).

The MPP with the highest average number of words per speech (table below) was Lorenzo Berardinetti (L). Lorenzo had almost the exact same number of average words per speech as the runner-up: Ernie Hardeman (PC).

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Last Week's Newsletter

Here's the newsletter summarizing last week's happening at Queen's Park (that went out to subscribers yesterday): http://www.ontariomonitor.ca/newsletter/week_ending_2015-06-22.html.

Last week saw a flurry of press releases and regulations from Ministries (21 press releases + 21 regulations). Announcements included a $3 million investment into a PepsiCo plant, changes to police "carding", Ontario's Learn to Fish program, the Ontario Music Fund will be permanent and an announcement about Craft Beer Week.

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Queen's Park: What Happened June 1st to June 8th?

Between June 1st and 8th the House met four times and the Select Committee on Sexual Violence and Harassment published their meeting from May 21st. Seven bills were introduced, two regulations were proposed and seven regulations were filed.

You can read the update that was sent to subscribers on Monday morning (June 8th) here: http://www.ontariomonitor.ca/newsletter/week_ending_2015-06-08.html.

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Updated Weekly Newsletter

OntarioMonitor's (wholly computer-generated) weekly newsletter has just been upgraded. Here's what happened last week: May 25th to June 1st.


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How To Monitor For Bill Status Changes in Ontario

How can you know when a bill changes status (e.g. passes third reading)?

If you log in to your OntarioMonitor account you'll see on the top menu a button that says "Bills/Proclamations". Click that button.

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Which MPPs Are Interested in Climate Change?

Using the MPP Interest Engine developed by OntarioMonitor.ca, we've analysed the speeches of MPPs in the Ontario Legislature over the last two years to see who has mentioned "Climate Change" the most. The charts below show the comparison on an absolute basis (number of speeches) and percentage basis (percentage of speeches).

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Getting Law Alerts Proactively

How do you find out when a new law is proposed? Whether it's a proposed regulation or a bill (i.e. proposed act), knowing what's coming down the pipe is essential for government relations staff, the C suite and regulatory compliance. A major US legal consultancy (Seyfarth Lean) recently published a blog post about this challenge and why technology is the answer. Trade associations are a good way to keep abreast of new information but most people don't know that there's now software that can help with this problem.

OntarioMonitor.ca provide a "push" service where new laws that are relevant to users (i.e. using keywords to filter) are delivered to their inbox. In the US there are similar services like LexisNexis State Net. This approach ensures that people aren't blind-sided by an unexpected legal rule (often regulations are the biggest surprise since bills usually get more media coverage).

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104 Regulations Since January 1st, 2015

There have been 104 regulations filed in Ontario since the start of the year, about 25 per month. Of these regulations, here is the breakdown by statute:

18: Highway Traffic Act

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House Transcripts vs. Committee Transcripts

Most references to records at Queen's Park are to Hansard. But there's another major official record: committee transcripts.

A lot of the work at Queen's Park is done in committees and a lot gets said. According to OntarioMonitor's database, the length of committee transcripts over the last year is 12.46 million characters. The length of Hansard transcripts is 22.43 million characters.

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Which MPP Is Most Focussed On Education?

Which MPP is most interested on education issues? Liz Sandals by a wide margin, according to our analysis of Hansard. 45% of her speeches over the last two years have mentioned education-related words. This shouldn't be too surprising as she's the Minister of Education but the table below shows the next 14 top MPPs.

We've gone through Hansard over the last two years and counted the number of speeches made by each MPP that contained the words "education", "students", "OSSTF", "ETFO" or "teacher". The table below shows the MPPs ranked by the proportion of their speeches that mentioned these education words.

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Queen's Park Data: Which MPP Talks The Most?

Who are the most active participants in the back-and-forth of Queen's Park? One way to find out is to look at all of the speeches in Hansard made over the last couple years and add up the length of each speech. OntarioMonitor has done that and ranked the MPPs below.

RankSpeakerTotal Characters in SpeechesAverage Speech Length# of Speeches
1Kathleen O. Wynne14708465212823
2Catherine Fife13153841761747
3Bill Walker12267491862659
4Jagmeet Singh10979332397458
5France Gélinas9944391789556
6Victor Fedeli9916281526650
7John O’Toole9733851314741
8Gilles Bisson9451841176804
9Steve Clark8462621413599
10Andrea Horwath8455297091192
11John Yakabuski751835814924
12Taras Natyshak7419131589467
13Jim McDonell7033161876375
14Steven Del Duca7027681748402
15Glen R. Murray6935801018681

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MPPs Who Have Introduced Most Number of Bills

Who haven't been the most active MPPs this session at Queen's Park? France Gélinas has introduced 7 bills, Cheri DiNovo 6, Charles Sousa & Peggy Sattler 5 each. The table below shows the bills introduced ordered by the top "introducers" along with keywords automatically generated by OntarioMonitor that indicate what the bill is about.

The table is current as of early May, 2015.

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Which Party Is The Environment Party?

Which Ontario party talks about the environment the most? We've mined our database of every Hansard transcript to figure out which party mentioned "environment", "climate change", "pollution", "carbon tax" or "clean air" in the Ontario Legislature over the last two years.

Which Party Is Keenest on Environment Words?

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Predicting Whether An Ontario Bill Will Pass With 82-91% Accuracy

It's possible to predict with >80% accuracy whether a bill that's put forward in the Ontario legislature will receive Royal Assent. OntarioMonitor has developed an algorithm that by one measure is 91% accurate. This is important information because only around 25% of Ontario bills receive Royal Assent (and the percentage for just public bills is even lower).

OntarioMonitor has a lot of data about bills and the MPPs who propose them. We've acquired this data over several years of operations. This data can be applied using a computer algorithm to predict whether a bill will pass. Click here to see its predictions for current public bills.

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Improved OntarioMonitor Features

OntarioMonitor has been dramatically improved with the latest version. Here are a few highlights:

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The OntarioMonitor.ca Blog

OntarioMonitor.ca now has a blog!

Over the coming weeks we'll be publishing information about the new version of OntarioMonitor.ca and some research based on historic data that we've gathered.

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