The Government Relations Software Service for Ontario

Know What's Happening

You'll receive all relevant laws in easy-to-understand emails with your keywords highlighted, and sections excerpted.

Cloud Service

Enter your keywords online and we'll take care of the software. Nothing to install. Easy-to-use online service.

It's Fast

You'll know within minutes of government info being published.

The best way to understand the service is to try it out:

Instantly know when your issues are mentioned in the Ontario Legislature

An OntarioMonitor subscription means that you'll know about every law, regulation, mention in a committee or Question Period, etc. in your industry, within minutes of it being published. We excerpt the relevant sections of the law/speech and highlight your keywords. You'll receive an email that you can review and if necessary, forward on to other people in your organization.

How It Works in a Nutshell

Your Keywords

You select your keywords. We start watching for them.


We process the info. You get an alert in your inbox.

What Do We Track?

  • Hansard
  • Proposed bills
  • Bill committees
  • Bill status (e.g. "first reading")
  • New regulations
  • Ministry press releases
  • Royal proclamations
  • MPP's key issues

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